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The CCR (water quaility report) is available by clicking below:



The city sends a combined water/sewer/garbage/landfill bill on the first of each month.  Bills are due on the 20th of each month. Complete billing information is available by contacting city hall.  Applications for new service are available at city hall and on the website under the "forms" tab. New service deposits are $100 for owners/ $150 for rentals.


Monthly Fees:  Garbage $16.75, Landfill $4.20

Water service charge $15.40 and then $2.50 per 1000 gallons

 Sewer service charge $17.00 per month and then $2.50 per 1000 gallons for the first 12,000 gallons

Water/Sewer Infrastructure Fee $18.00 


Utility bills are due on the 20th of each month.  Late fee: $25.00  The late fee is added to bills past due on the 21st.  Bills still not paid by the 28th of each month will incur a $50 non-payment fee and will be subject to shut off.  


Shelter House Rental - The shelter house is available to rent May 1-Sept 30 cost is $50/day.  

Community Building-The Community Building is available to rent for $100/day. Contact city hall for information.  A $125.00 refundable deposit is required.



The fee to license dogs in the city are:

$5.00 for spayed females and males and $10 for intact females. Licenses are available at city hall and are due each year by March 1st. Current rabies information is required.  The Code of Ordinances states it is unlawful for a house to harbor more then 3 dogs (code 55.15) and dogs "at large" is prohibited (code 55.01). Breeding kennels are also prohibited under code section 55.16.



The following are only allowed in town with a special permit issued by the city council: equine, bovine, sheep, goats, pigs, mink rabbits, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, doves, pigeons, game birds, other fowl, or poisonous reptiles or insects. To obtain a permit contact city hall. (code 58.01)



Garbage is picked up on Thursday mornings.  A large can is provided to each house, please do not leave the can on the curb all week, for safety reasons the can need to be moved back to your house.



Recycle is picked up curbside every other Thursday.



A permit is required to conduct a public or private commercial fireworks display (by a licensed shooter). The permit fee is $150.00. Permits are available from the county.


No permits are available for consumer fireworks displays as most consumer fireworks are illegal in Iowa.


Law Enforcement is contracted through the county. Please call 911 for emergency calls.


Courteous neighbors are always appreciated!!



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